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We Purchase Used Cars

Cash for Junk Cars, Indianapolis wants to help you with removing your car.  Maybe you think that the junk car you have is too damaged to be sold.  That is not the case.  This company takes cars that are:

  • Water-logged
  • Totaled
  • Wrecked
  • Rusty
  • Broken
  • Dirty
  • Missing parts
  • Missing transmission
  • Burned

What makes and models of cars are accepted?  Any make, model, year, or type of car will receive a quote, will be picked up, and will yield cold, hard, cash, usually within 24 hours..  Just call Cash for Junk Cars, Indianapolis today!

In fact, your car does not have to be junk for CJCI to buy it from you.  They also purchase used cars that are in good condition, and old cars that are still running.  They can make a deal with you on almost any car that you want to sell.   Maybe you have tried to sell your vehicle online, or on the selling site Craigslist, or in a newspaper ad, or by trading in your car to a car dealer.  Unfortunately, the result has not been what you wanted it to be.  More often than not, you find yourself playing phone tag with the car dealer, or not receiving calls from the ads you have placed.   Cash for Junk Cars, Indianapolis is a company that is well-versed in quoting prices on all makes and models of cars.  Why count on give the responsibility of selling your car to someone else?  You can be the seller so easily, with a guaranteed buyer like Cash for Junk Cars, Indianapolis.

You might ask what factors are used to decide the price that is given to you.  When the information you have given to the company on the phone is analyzed, the quote you receive will be based on the make, the model, the year, and the condition of the car.  Once your quote is given, free of charge, you can decide to take this bid, or not.  If you agree with the price, a tow truck will come, usually within 24 hours, pick up your vehicle and tow it away.  You do not have to do any of the work.  It is done for you.  Plus, your money will be given to you on the spot, no checks, no waiting.  Call Cash for Junk Cars, Indianapolis today!  You will agree that they know what they are doing, and they do it with class.