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Sell A Junk Vehicle

Most people would agree that a junk car is a car that will not run, is damaged, is inoperable, is a nuisance, or is totaled.  Cash for Junk Cars would like to categorize a little more distinctly the types of cars being discussed:

Cars that cannot be repaired

When a car is too old to trade-in or cannot be repaired, often owners will put the car aside, somewhere on their property until they have a plan for the car.  Before very long, the car becomes invisible.  The automobile has remained in the same place it was put months, even years, ago.  So long, in fact, that the owners can avoid really noticing that it is there.  By the time the owner gets up enough nerve to acknowledge the car again, it has become rustier, wetter, and even taken over by weeds and grass.  Now the problem has become worse.  The car is a nuisance, seems unsellable, and has become a danger if children and pets decide to climb on or play around the car.  Not to mention that the car is actually taking away from the value of your home.

Cars that are being saved to salvage parts

There are some people who, in the name of thrift and re-using, will keep an old car so that they can use the parts on a car they might purchase in the future.  This sounds like a good plan except often that new car doesn’t get purchased as soon as the owner thought.  Possibly, the owner does purchase another car, but it is not the same make or model of the junk car on the back forty.  When this occurs, the car, which is deteriorating and rusting, is probably leaking dangerous fluids or chemical substances that could be harmful to the water supply, pets, and people.

Cars that annoy neighbors

Many cities and municipalities have ordinances against storing a damaged car on the side or back of the house.  Most communities would rather not have junk cars lowering the perceived value of their neighborhoods.

Cars that are environmental hazards

All you have to do is watch the film Wall-E to understand that there is a real and present danger of trash taking over the landscape of our planet.  Everything that we can recycle, reuse, up-cycle, or restore will be one more thing that will not be relegated to a land fill or trash dump.

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