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Indianapolis is a growing and prosperous city, the capital of Indiana, and “The Crossroads of America”.  Home of many museums, fabulous restaurants, football games, and, of course, the Indie 500. It is also the site of a flourishing business, Cash for Junk Cars, Indianapolis

The numbers of cars that are not running, are wrecked beyond compare, are not drivable, or are becoming an eyesore or a nuisance has steadily risen in the United States, and especially in a large city like Indianapolis.  It was stated at a meeting, in 1965, by the members of American Society of Planning Officials that more than five million cars had been junked in that year.  That was 1965 so imagine how many obsolete cars are out there today.

So what is a junk car and what are we doing with all these unusable automobiles.  A junk car is a car that cannot be driven, is damaged, has been identified as a car that is “totaled”, or has been deserted.  You’ve seen them, or probably have had one in your life at some time.  It’s that car that you just don’t seem to know what to do with; that car that you kept in the backyard thinking you might get around to fixing one day; that car that became an eyesore parked in front of your house; that car that your wife said to get rid of about two years ago.

Don’t you think it is about time to call Cash for Junk Cars, Indianapolis?  They really make it easy for you.  All you have to do is call, and they will come to your house, pick up the vehicle, and pay you cash right on the spot.  After all the frustration of not knowing how to get rid of this old clunker, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that the job has been taken care of.  You’ll also have some money in your pocket to show for it.

Their workers are experts in establishing a fair price, and removing your car carefully and quickly. You can call for a quote on the phone, and once you accept that offer, it is valid up to the time they tow your car away.  They pay top dollar and have been in the business long enough to know what a fair price is.  They are going to give you an honest deal and excellent customer service.  If you call and give a thorough description of the car, they can give you a quote that they will stand behind right there over the telephone.  When the tow truck arrives, the price quoted is the amount you will be paid. They even offer same day service.  It doesn’t get easier than that.

Maybe you have been thinking that you could get a fair trade-in value on your car, but the hassle of getting the car to a dealership and the thought of haggling over a fair trade-in price has kept you away from the car lots.  Or, perhaps you thought you might put the car on Craigslist to sell.  Certainly Craigslist is a good idea, but, as you well know, waiting for a buyer, setting up appointments to view the car, and coming up with an agreeable price can be a major headache.  If you decide to run a classified ad, you know that this can take time, not to mention the money you spend on the advertisement. Doesn’t it sound easier to give Cash for Junk Cars, Indianapolis a call and have their expert team come to you with payment in hand?

With the economy as it is, and prices in the marketplace rising to all-time highs, wouldn’t it be really great to have a little extra cash?  Cash for Junk Cars, Indianapolis thinks so, and they are ready to help this happen today.  Pick up the phone and call them for the all help you need.

Why call Cash for Junk Cars, Indianapolis?

  • Rapid quotes, rapid payment
  • Safe transactions
  • Top prices
  • Iron-clad quotes
  • Towing is free of charge
  • All makes and models accepted
  • Company is bonded and insured

You have probably noticed that the buying a selling of used and junk cars is becoming a fast-growing business.  There are many companies out there who would love to have you as a customer.  What separates the men from the boys in this booming industry?  The answer to that question is the same reason you choose your grocery, cleaners, and gas station over any other stores or service centers. You know you can trust the businesses and you know you will get excellent service.  If you can trust what is said by the employees, you had better stay with that company.  If you can know that you are going to be helped in the best possible manner, you had better stay with that company.  If you would encourage your friends to use the company, you had better stay with that company.  Cash for Junk Cars, Indianapolis will be added to your list of most-trusted businesses.

The employees and officers of this company are well-versed in assessing the condition of cars, trucks, and vans.  They know how to remove your vehicle in such a way that it will not disturb your property or lawn. They are knowledgeable in the calculating the fair price for used and junked cars.  They are skilled in the recycling and proper disposal of damaged vehicles.

 You will be impressed and pleased with the level of professionalism shown by all the members of the Cash for Junk Cars, Indianapolis team.

The process is quick and easy.

  • Call for a quote
  • Show your title to the representative who comes for pick-up
  • You are paid and the vehicle is driven away

No matter the size, model, amount of damage, or the appearance, they will get that junk car out of your way today.  Solving problems is what Cash for Junk Cars, Indianapolis is best at doing.  They are as good as their word.  They are tried and true.  Let them do the work for you.  You won’t be sorry.